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For more and more people, a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet is significant; especially if they spend most of the day sitting down and their concentration should be maintained. In order to have a healthy and energetic working day and student life, we offer fresh, balanced and contemporary food.


Natural, healthy and tasty

We avoid convenience food. Ready meals are a no-no for us. We prepare our own stocks and gravies. We don’t use flavor enhancer, artificial flavors or artificial colors, but like to use fresh, regional and seasonal goods and prefer organic food. We refrain from genetically contaminated food. That's why we source milk, eggs and meat from regional farms with an ethical husbandry that uses non-GMO feed.


Our menu includes a lot of cereal products, potatoes, rice, vegetables or pulses, milk and milk products, fatless meats and once a week sea fish. Fresh fruits and salads complete the healthy lunch.

Freshly cooked and delivered promptly

We cook the meals freshly every day and near to time of delivery in order to avoid unnecessary warm keeping or warming up. That keeps the food fresh, healthy and tasty and maintains the important vitamins and valuable ingredients. We don’t apply the cook & chill method.


For students who need a lactose-free diet, as well as for students of Muslim religious orientation we offer an alternative meal where applicable.

Common meals create community and connect people. There where people of different nations meet it feels good enjoying and presenting meals of their own culture. We consider the wishes and suggestions of the students and try to include them into our menu.

The menu

During session und exam days we offer two dishes from Monday to Friday. One dish is always vegetarian. There is no offer on holidays.

Every dish will be served with a little salad and a dessert.

The new menu will be posted one week in advance at the cafeteria. So there are always two menus the current one and the one for the following week.

How can I participate in lunch?

1. Registration

Everyone, who wants to participate in lunch, has to fulfill the registration form once-only and hand it out. We use your data to open a customer account for you in order to allocate your bookings and payments.

2. Payment

Every customer pays a certain amount into his customer account, from which the dish is then debited. You only can participate in lunch, if you have credit on the account.


If you intend to participate regularly in the lunch you deposit 100 EUR monthly. If you intend to participate from time-to-time in the lunch you pay 40 EUR into your customer account.

Due date for registration and first deposit is Thursday, 25th October 2018.


Georg Radlanski

 Sparkasse Scheeßel, BLZ 291 525 50, Kontonr. 3051802

IBAN: DE05 2915 2550 0003 0518 02, BIC BRLADE21SHL

Stichwort: Mensa

Nicht Vergessen Name bzw. Kundennummer  anzugeben

Every customer gets information on his current account balance on demand. If his credit is running low he will be informed. At the end of the semester credit in the customer account will be transferred back to the customer.

3. Order

If you want to have lunch, you order your dishes until Thursday, 12.00 pm the previous week. Therefore you fill in the order card and drop it into our mailbox at the cafeteria. In exceptional case single orders can be done one day before until 12:00 pm. Cancellations are also possible one day before until 12.00 pm.

If you need lactose-free food, it’s very important to indicate when ordering.




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Menu- This Week
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Menu next week
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